This year the X-41 EC will be held in Copenhagen together with the X-Yachts Gold Cup on the 10 - 17 July.

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Dear X-41 Friends

The Norwegian X-41 Class Association is delighted to inform you all that the 2014 X-41 World Championship will be held on the island of Hanko, in the Oslo fjord in the end of June next year.
Hankø has been the main venue for international regattas in Norway for the last hundred years. Our cooperating club will be Royal Norwegian Yacht Club and Hankø Yacht Club (HYC). HYC was founded by sailors from KNS fifty years ago with the aim to attract international sailing at what they considered to be one of the best race courses in the world. The sailing will take place just off the island in open water, where wind and sea conditions are quite predictable. In the afternoon the sea breeze fills in which makes for great sailing.
After a day on the fjord we gather at the yacht club for refreshments and daily first prize giving. The organizers will provide a good social agenda for all involved. The X-41 sailors will have first priority on prime berths at the club and rooms in the local hotel, which is located 300 meters away. Both the club house and the Hankø Hotel & Spa have recently been upgraded and the hotel has opened a new spa.
Here is the schedule for the championship:
21 -22 June TuneUp Hankø Big Boat Series
23 - 24 June Practice days
25 - 29 June X-41 Worlds 2014
The Worlds will go hand in hand with the Hanko Race Week One Design (with over 100 boats participating in several One Design classes) so it will be a lot of sailors and social activities in this period.
We can guaranty the participation of at least 6 Norwegian teams, but most likely it will be more. We do our best in organizing X-41 available for rent to a very favorable price. With both friends from the rest of Scandinavia, The Baltics and the Meds joining us we see a great potential of having 15-16 boats racing at Hanko next summer.
As you all probably know the 2014 ORCi Worlds are in Kiel first week of August next year This will give all the X-41 participanting at Hanko the chance to go to the Worlds on their way back from Hanko
If you can to us the favor of filling out the form and return it to Thomas Nilsson,, it will be highly appreciated Please feel free to contact me for any questions. More info will be posted on in short time. Looking forward to hear from you all and hopefully see many of you at Hanko next year.

The offical entry for the 2014 X-41 Worlds is now open on the official webpage:



EC 2014


Dear X-41 friends


The Italian X-41 Class Association is happy to inform you all that the X-41 European Championship will take place next year on the island of Elba 16th - 20th September, 2014.


The venue is particularly attractive for its natural beauties, its position close to the port of Livorno and the marinas of Punta Ala and Scarlino, as well as for the steady sea breeze expected for the season. A number of hotel and apartment arrangements at budget rates are available in the island.


We are glad to offer the following incentives for those non-Med crews that will join the 10+ boats fleet of X-41 crews already active in Italy:


·         1 boat charter-free (excluding sails) available in Elba for the event (to be assigned based on the ranking in the 2012 World Championship final scores);

·         transportation by truck of 3 boats from Kiel to Livorno (and back) at the reduced rate of €7,000 each round trip (to be assigned on a first come first serve basis);


while transportation of additional boats could be arranged for the equivalent of €13,000 round trip.


If you are interested in the proposed package, please contact me soon in order to better accommodate your needs.


Those interested in leaving their boats in Italy in order to participate to the 2015 X-41 Worlds should consider we even race during the winter season and would be glad to have you joining us in some of our events.

Looking forward to have many of you joining us in Elba next year,

best regards


Maurizio Pavesi

On behalf of the Italian X-41 Class Association


X-41 European Championship
18 - 20 July, Copenhagen, Denmark 
X-41 World Championship
22 - 28 September, Naples, Italy 
Norwegian X-41 Ranking 2013
The Norwegian X-41 Ranking 2013 is just released and like previous years it will be a long and active season with a lot of fun sailing. If everything goes like planned a total of 9 Norwegian X-41 teams will join this years ranking, including the boat of the picture, Team Drømmen.
The highlight of the year will of course be the X-41 European Championship in Copenhagen in end of July and so far 7 Norwegian X-41 teams are planning to participant in this championship:
  • Norwegian X-41 Ranking 2013
  • 25. - 26. May: Larvik Race Weekend, Larvik
  • 22. - 23. June: Hanko Race Week Hanko
  • 17. - 20. July: European Championship X-41, Copenhagen
  • 17. - 18. August: Moss Raymarine Race, Moss
  • 21. - 22. September: Norwegian Nationals ORCi, Tonsberg
    TBA: X-41 Class Championship X-41 (Oslo)


X-41 Ranking in Norway 2012
Ranking #1 - Larvik Race weekend - 2 - 3 June
Ranking #2 - Hankø Race Week, Big Boat - 29 June - 3 July
Ranking #3 - Moss RayMarine Race - 18 - 19 August
Ranking #4 - ORCi NM - 15 - 16 September
Other X-41 actitivies in 2012
Regata dei Tre Golfi in Ischia - valid as X-41 National Championship - 18 - 20 May
Trofeo Gavitello D'Argento in Punta Ala - valid as X-41 Med Cup - 7 - 10 June
X-41 Cup in Rio Marina on the island of Elba - 6 - 8 July